We are excited to bring this update to you. We have been encouraged by what the good Lord is doing in our family and the
church we are about to launch.

On the family front, the Lord has been faithful to us despite some challenges along the way. We are thankful for the many God has continued to sustain my family. Given our son is growing up so fast, he is already two and half years now and keeping us on our feet. Thankful to the Lord for the grace he has given us to parent him. And as mentioned in the last update, the Lord has graciously granted us the privilege of another child whose arrival is end of August. But the pregnancy has come with great challenges and pain for my wife. She has been weak and in pain for the past four months so much so that she was not able to go to church four months. It has been a very difficult time for us as a family but we know that the blessing of the Lord comes with responsibility and instead of grumbling, we have had to cultivate a thankful heart for the blessing of the Lord upon us.

Evangelism Training and Evangelism Opportunities!

Evangelism Training

For the past few months, I have been taking the team (the church planting core team) comprised of eleven members and other people who have actually joined the bible study through evangelism training. It has been so encouraging to see how the training has given the team a firm grasp of the gospel and also the handles on the how of sharing the gospel, and also engage or approach people. What has been encouraging is to see the Lord grow them in both the knowledge of the gospel as well the passion and zeal to share the gospel.


Evangelism Opportunities!
Knowing that it is one thing to have a firm grip of the gospel content, and another thing to be on ground and meet a person and be able to share with that person the truths of the gospel, we have intensified evangelism as a group and at the same time challenging each and every member to seek and create and seize opportunities that are everywhere around us! So, for the past two months, we have been going out as a group to share the gospel with those in our community two Sundays in a month while the other two Sundays we do the training.

Evangelism Opportunities through CHF
CHF (Children’s Hunger Fund) has also offered us more opportunities through mercy ministry. CHF provides us with food packs which we take to families which are struggling to make ends meet but the goal is not just for us to provide food but to develop relationships with those families which will enable us to have opportunity to share the gospel. The core group has been diligently utilizing the relationships to share the gospel with those families in their homes.

Brothers giving the food packs and sharing the gospel.

Prayer Petitions!
1. Praising God for his faithfulness in bringing this work this far: for both the human resources he has
brought as well and his continued provisions upon the work.
2. Pray that the Lord will move more people to join the core team, the kind of people who will
diligently and sacrificially serve
3. Pray for the evangelistic efforts that are being made, first for the team to continue to grow in zeal for
evangelism and also to make evangelism their life
4. Pray for my wife that the Lord will sustain her throughout the pregnancy and that I will serve her
even more in this season of difficult
5. Pray for that the Lord will provide for the things we need to launch the church in June. There are a
lot of things we need.
6. Pray that even when there are no resources, we would still go ahead and launch the church.

With much love

Emmanuel Mpeni, Lilongwe Malawi