The fulfilment of the establishment of healthy and sound biblical churches is not the work of one agency or organisation or missionary, but requires the involvement of all Christian churches and workers. Our strategy involves collaborative efforts with other organisations, agencies, churches and missionaries. It is not the name and fame of our organisation that drives us, but that of our Lord Jesus hence we labour and strive in order that His church may be built in the remotest areas of our country where the light of the gospel remains dim and concealed.We firmly believe that there is no greater strategy than for existing biblical churches to build more biblical churches. To see the progress of the gospel expand in its influence and reach to more areas of needier communities, existing churches must be strengthened and equipped to disciple their own people and fulfil the great commission by multiplying themselves beyond just their immediate and local vicinity.  

The following summary provides ways we will pursue to accomplish our strategy

  • We have committed to regularly pray for specific churches in these areas. We request regular prayer requests and ministry updates from the pastors of these churches in order to know and pray for specific needs. However, we do not specify the frequency of the updates so as to overwhelm these men with ministry updates more than actually doing ministry work.
  • We have committed to provide regular encouragement to the pastor-teachers of these specific churches. This may be in the form of visiting their churches and worshipping with them on the Lord’s day, formal one-on-one and informal meetings, hosting encouragement sessions and providing whatever tools and resources necessary that may be beneficial to their ministries.
  • We have committed to provide monthly financial support to some of the pastors in these churches. Given the size of our organisation, our current monthly financial support is not sufficient to cover the needs of the ministers so we are thankful that they still obtain some compensation from their local churches and other personal donors and sponsors.
  • We will seek the help of other agencies and churches where we are aware of needs but are unable to meet them. As these men confide their needs to us, we will not disclose their identity when seeking to raise financial or other support on their behalf without their express consent.
  • We will come alongside mother churches of the existing church plants in these areas and seek to help their existing support structures to establish solid and thriving churches.
  • We have partnered with Christ Baptist Church Seminary, a TMAI school in the Limpopo Province, that trains  and will continue to seek fruitful partnerships with other training institutions. Our partnership involves understanding the needs of the seminary students and where possible seek to meet those needs .e.g. cover tuition and other fees, provide financial aid to alumni in their first year of being in the field where necessary etc .