Central Baptist Church: Rustenburg

Karabo and his wife Khensi and their two boys

“…I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” – Matthew 16:18

The promise of our faithful Lord and Saviour has been a great encouraging in the season we find ourselves in as we serve God’s people in Rustenburg. Jesus Christ is committed to the success of His church, and this frees us from anxiety in the midst of challenges and discouragement. Below is a brief report what God has been doing in our family and the church.


Family Life

The past few months have been mixed with both trials and joys. Strangely, my wife and I  have been struggling with constant headaches, but my wife’s have been much worse.  She was given medication for migraines and has been responding well to the  medication. On the other hand, we are experiencing the sustaining grace of God in our  family – raising our boys (Lwazi and Nkazimulo) has been a joy and it is wonderful to see  the grow. Recently I have started with my Masters Degree in the New Testament after a generous sponsorship to pay for my studies – I pray it will be a fruitful endeavour and  will work to serve the church well in the future.  

Church Life:

It has been encouraging to see how the church is growing in their desire to pray together.  Seeing God’s people on their knees together calling on the name of Lord is something  that has been a joy. We have been intentional about meeting together for prayer during  the week as a church and gathering before church. 

We have started with street evangelism in the inner city, it is an area that is frequented by people, presenting a great opportunity to reach many with the gospel. This has also  presented an opportunity for one on one with those who stop to hear the word being  preached. Our desire is that God will bring fruit from this by drawing his own people to  the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  

However, amidst the progress, we have encountered challenges inherent to our  transient town. With the platinum price dropping to its record low, many people are  leaving Rustenburg in search of employment elsewhere. Since late last year, we have  seen a significant number of members leave Rustenburg, and unfortunately, this trend  has continued into the current year. Several members who were with us at the beginning  of the year have since moved away, impacting our church’s stability. 

One of the most tangible effects of this exodus has been felt in our finances. From  October 2023 to February 2024, the church faced difficulties in meeting its financial  obligations, particularly in paying rates and taxes. However, through prudent  management and the generosity of remaining members, we have been able to stabilize  our financial situation in recent months. However in the midst of all this, our hope remains secured that Christ will build His  church, and that the gospel will prevail.  

What to pray for: 

  • Pray for faithfulness and perseverance as we serve the church 
  • Pray for our evangelism efforts, that God will be pleased to save many Pray for financial stability as we experience a loss of members
  •  Pray that some of our church members will stay in Rustenburg instead of moving.



Moletsane Baptist Church: Soweto

Reflecting on the past decade of our ministry here, we are filled with gratitude for the Lord’s faithfulness. Through seasons of both joy and challenge, His grace has guided us, renewing our hope, keeping our focus on the kingdom, transforming lives, strengthening marriages, and propelling us in advancing God’s good news. We rejoice also in the growth in new believers added to our flock, regular visitors and the overall growth in numbers.

With growth comes exciting opportunities, but also challenges that we humbly ask for your support in addressing. Our current space limitations restrict our ability to run multiple ministries simultaneously. While we enjoy utilizing our outdoor space during the summer months, the colder and wetter weather makes gathering outdoors impractical. The solution identified is for mobile container classrooms, it aligns perfectly with our current church property, providing a swift and efficient setup without the delays associated with traditional building projects.

These classrooms will serve a variety of purposes, including Vacation Bible School in partnership with Grace Community Church – California, during the winter school break. Sunday school classes, as well as a prayer meeting and counselling rooms.

Our typical winter Sunday means we can’t use the hall as the band practices for the service and makes it hard to hear one another. The church hall is also used for fellowship after to keep from the elements, but this is when the teens have their meeting, so we try corner in different parts and whisper -which is very hard for our joyful body.

As we continue our community outreach efforts, we give thanks to our faithful Father who continually provides for the needs of His church, to the praise of His glorious grace.

This is the container structure that will be placed on the left side of the church house and will be divided into two classrooms with separate entrances. The floor space will comfortably accommodate chairs and even small Sunday School tables.Upon sourcing quotations from various suppliers, we think the overall cost would be 10 000USD. This will also cover the preparation of the land for where the structure will be placed, as well electrical fittings in the classroom. Please prayerful consider in helping and praying for the Lord to provide.

Thanks to a generous donation of books from our sister church, Antioch and Chapel Library, we have launched a book ministry that offers books, gospel tracts and other resources for the spiritual enrichment of the body. Our vision is to expand into a bookstore that also carries out translation work to reach the entire Soweto community with true and sound resources of the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. Please join us in prayer as we plan prepare and trust in the Lord.

Our church’s discipleship program has begun, and it is precisely what is needed during this season of growth for us. Members have been paired up to study through fundamental theology, to help encourage maturity in faith and rootedness in sound doctrine. Please pray for abundant growth as we focus on making disciples.

We are so delighted to have Nicholas, our new intern here with us from Kenya. He is enrolled at Christ Seminary and hungry to grow in knowledge to be a faithful teacher of God’s word. Please pray for him as he settles and studies.